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Re: Windshield replacement-dealer or chain replacement shop?

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From: Orin Eman <orin@wolfenet.com>
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Sent: Saturday, October 16, 1999 11:10 PM
Subject: Re: Windshield replacement-dealer or chain replacement shop?

> > Craig D. Niederst wrote:
> > >
> > > I am going to be contacting my insurance company on Monday about
getting my
> > > recently broken windshield replaced under glass coverage ($100
> > > Looking at Bentley, the procedure for windshield replacement looks
like it
> > > may be a bit tricky for a generic windshield / auto glass replacement
> > > Not to mention the stories I have heard on the List of improper
> > > leading to scraped paint and rust, incorrect fit of windshield, etc.
Am I
> > > better off taking it to the dealer to have this done (do dealers even
> > > glass, or do they send the car out?), or are the generic windshield /
> > > glass replacement shops OK? Any BTDT's appreciated. TIA.
> > >
> > > Craig
> > > '92 100S (84k)
> > Craig
> > Your Insurance company my not cover the windshield if the dealer does
> > the work.  I have Farmers and they have set prices with the windshield
> > replacement companys on what Farmers pays them for the job.  This may
> >  be also the way your insurance company works.
> It's unlikely that the dealer does it.  They usually sub-contract to
> one of the local auto glass companies.  The trick is finding which one!
> (My dealer said something like "We've just got to call xxxx to get
> the rear window put back in" - this was when they were repairing the
> 95 90Q.  I have forgotten who xxxx was, but they did tell me.)
> In general, they don't do enough to employ or train a glass specialist.
> Orin.

    I second Orin on this. My local dealer shops out windshield changes -
the last time I had them do it they were using Standard Auto Glass. I had a
conversation with the boys at the glass shop after the last change regarding
a couple dents that magically appeared in the roof just behind the
windshield. They absolutely despise working on Type 44 Audis - said the
windshields are extremely difficult to remove and just as hard to install

Fred Munro
'91 200q  281k km  SOLD!
'94 S4  90k km