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Code 2112 on 86 5KTQ (deep in details)

For various reasons I just rebuilt most of the MC engine in my early 86 5KTQ
(Head, oil pan and pump, etc. Block stayed in car). I am reasonably familiar
with these cars, and have worked on this particular one for over 3 years. As
far as I can tell, ECU fault code 2112 (crank trigger or distributor out of
position) is the only thing keeping the car from running. Here are the
details of my analysis so far;

>The distributor is lined up perfectly to factory specs (Bentley manual)

>Tried 2nd ECU and got the same results.

>There are no other fault codes, except . . . 

>Swapped connections between crank trigger and RPM sensor - got code 2111
(RPM sensor)
but not code 2112.

>Wiring harness checks out, so do the sensors (per tests in the Bentley

The next thing I am going to do is pull the sensors from the bellhousing and
try to check the air gap for the crank trigger sensor. I am also wondering
if I bent or knocked out the pin for the crank trigger sensor when I removed
the oil pan. The car started beautifully right before I took it apart. All
of the engine grounds are in place. What else is there??????

Please respond to me directly,

Todd W