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mass air meter problems???

I have a 92 100CS Quattro which I love. I have only owned it for about 9 months. It has developed a problem that 3 mechanics have been unable to solve. When the car is first started, even if I run in the grocery and come out shortly and re-start it, it has what I would call a hesitation problem.
Here's what happens:  the car starts right up- but within 30 seconds or so it wants to die- The Audi dealer did the following and it didn't help at all: repair intake leak, replace thermostat, replace egr valve. He says he is mystified, although he guaranteed that if I spent the $ it would fix the problem.
I found an independent mechanic who seems to know what he's doing. After looking the car over and cleaning the fuel injectors, and talking to some other mechanic afficianatos, he thinks it is the mass air meter. He told me that Audi says the mass air meters either work or don't, that there's no inbetween. His mechanic buddies and he say otherwise. They feel the meters do sometimes marginally fail. He suggested finding a chat group on-line and running it by some other audi owners who may have had a similar problem.
Anyone out there have any experience w/ this??? Any help would be greatly appreciated! You can e-mail me directly since I am not a list member. Thanks!