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Re: What engine parts are compatible with my '85 UR-Q

>> I need to replace a bunch of items in my UR-Q (cosmetic details) in the
>> engine, like the oil pan, brackets, radiator fan metal and some other
>> that show some slight corrosion, can I use some of this stuff from a 4K
>> a 2.2 liter engine?

> Why not blast the offending parts and have a powder coating party?!

A good idea.  Been off the list for almost a year, but before I left a
bunch of listers responded to my request for info on repainting my valve
cover.  Finally, got to put that info to use last month (a belated thanks
to all who responded way back then!!).  Removed and repainted the valve
cover, injector cooling fan mounting brackets, and wastegate heat shield.
I took the parts to a body shop that stripped and blasted them for $20 and
then I repainted them with some high temp primer and paint from a local
speed shop.  Looks nice

Also replaced most of the vacuum hoses, a bleeder valve, temp switch, and a
few gaskets while I was at it.

BTW, what does the temp switch mounted on the wastegate heat shield do?

'85 urq
'93 S4