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Bad noise on accel/cruise

Took Audrey out for a thrashing last night, 85-90 on a dark wet, twisty
road. On the way back, she began to protest...with a
squeal/whine/metalicky/geargrindy noise on accelleration over 60 mph,
lowering in pitch witha lowering in speed.

Disappears on overrun. Tranny fluid (auto) looks ok, haven't been able to
see/find the final drive fill hole, although I know  it's _supposed_ to be
behind the left inner CV. All CV boots are fine...one axle was replaced
about a year ago.

Recent work includes 0w-30 Amsoil and filter, alt/ps belts, Bosch O2 sensor
and Bosch +4's.

I've been through a final drive bearing cage failure ($$$)...another one
would drive me into a atoyoT.

What have I done? Whee shall I look? What shall I do?

Stephen Bigelow
1984 5000s "Audrey"