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RE: Overheating brakes

Stephane writes:
>I'm just thinking out loud here but regarding the overheating brakes,
>has anyone ever tried to water cool their brakes for racing?  I notice
>in the big rig racing in Europe, these trucks squirt water on their
>brakes and you can see the steam coming off them all the time.  If it
>works for them, why not on our cars?Regards  

It does work, the FIA S2 group A rally car I service has this feature (per 
MTM and AS) on both front and rear brakes.  Squirts on the rotor vents, and 
uses 2 pumps with a driver adj duty cycle (independent front/rear actuation 
control, from 1 min to continuous, or per brake application).  We rarely need 
to actually run it, not many really hot days and/or long tarmac stages in the 
US Rallys (audi SQ brakes).


Scott Justusson