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Re: Mobil 1 for how long??

    OK I will try a 7.5k run on this oil before switching over to 5w-30.  If
I wanted to change the filter without changing the oil what procedure would
I be looking at?  Let the car sit overnight then take out the filter or
drain and reuse the oil?
    I have many an empty container in my garage of Mobil 1.  Changed my
sister's 5ks over to synth a couple of months ago too.  All the used oil is
gone, sorry.

    OK the tach doesn't read 5,000 on extended basis but when I go above
95mph I am always above 5,000rpm.  When I hit the limit the engine is red
lining, 6,500rpm, 120mph.  I do have a nasty habit of speeding on local
highways, but I know where all the speed traps are, plus I know when I see a
crown victoria in the rear view it's time to slow down.  Average speed on a
4 hour trip to VT is usually around 85+mph.  Ever since the new suspension
and wheels took their place my foot got a lot heavier than before.  When I
accelerate from a stop I always find my foot slowly creeping to full
throttle.  With the autobox if I don't hold it to full throttle it shifts to
early, and even at full throttle, not kickdown, the trany always shifts at
4,000rpm.  If I hold the go pedal in the kickdown position, engine smoothly
goes to 6,500rpm then the trany shifts.  I know speeding is bad, but going
55mph makes me antsy sometimes.  I usually go 10-15mph over the limit on the
highway.  People can yell and moan about speeding, but speeding runs in my
families blood.  Sometimes I would catch my mother crusing at 90mph in the
200q20va, she has since slowed considerably in her older years.


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