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Re: Mobil 1 for how long??


    I've been running 8000 Km (5000 mile) intervals with no problems. This
was the recommended change interval for my '86 5ktq and I carried it over to
my '91 200q (12000 km recommended interval). The 200q engine has 281k km on
it, perfect compression, uses/loses 1/2 litre of oil in 8000 Km.


Fred Munro

'91 200q  281k km SOLD!
'94 S4  90k km

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From: John Cassidy/Sallyann Mulcahy <jcasidy@uswest.net>
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Sent: Sunday, October 17, 1999 2:03 PM
Subject: Mobil 1 for how long??

> I just got off the phone with Mobil 1 tech assistance (800-askmobil).  I
> was inquiring about ol change intervals, in addition to other things.
> The guy I talked to said to get the full benifit, I should go all the
> way to the manufactor's recomendation (7500mi., '91 200q).  He said that
> origionally, Mobil recomended 25000 miles, but revised that so as not to
> conflict with the manufacturers.
> The tech claimed viscosity breakdown, even in a turbo engine would be
> insignificant at 7500, and as long as the engine is in good condition
> without significant blow by, and a high quality filter was used (of
> course he suggests a Mobil 1 filter), the oil can easily .  suspend
> contaminates for that interval.
> I've always used the 3000 mile interval, and going out that long scares
> me.
> Any btdt, thoughts?
> Thanks,
> John Cassidy
> '91 200q
> '90 CQ