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Re: yellow Koni's w/ stock springs for a 4kq?

In a message dated 10/15/99 5:42:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
sbigelow@sprint.ca writes:

 But then the suspension is only moving half as far, giving similar driving
 conditions and vehicle weight.

    I am not going to go too far with this thread since I am no expert, and 
definitely cannot keep up with overboosted physics jargon that I cannot 
understand (no matter how impressive it may seem...) but, it is intuitive to 
believe that a stiffer spring will require higher dampening to control it.  
Why not go put a bike shock underneath your car, then see how much dampening 
you will have?  You seem to imply that distance traveled is the key issure 
here, and it is not.  The forces being exserted need to be in balance, a 
proportional amount of dampening for a given amount of spring rate.  
Inevitably, on the road, large bumps and undulations will be encountered that 
will simply blow the seals out of a shock that is not suitably valved.  Maybe 
saving money and buying cheap shocks is the real motivation behind this