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Re: Bouncing Speedo TSB


    I resoldered the board on my '91 200q to fix a dash light problem - it
was the same fix mentioned in the TSB for the speedo fix.
    On the board there are two green blocks which look like personal
computer 2-pin jumper blocks. They are located on the top and bottom of the
board between the speedo and the auxiliary gauge panel. These blocks receive
pins when the board is assembled to the instrument panel. Resolder the
blocks to the board even if the solder joints look OK.


Fred Munro
'94 S4  90k km

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Subject: Bouncing Speedo TSB

> H E L P !!!  Got my instrument cluster out on the 89 200 TQ _right now_.
> Following the direction's on Scott Mo's site about re-soldering the
> board.  Guess what?  My circuit board is different...ACK! Gotta put this
> thing back together tonight.  I heard there is a TSB that deals with this
> problem.  Anybody willing to fax it to me or call and tell me WHICH trace
> should re-solder?  A long shot, I know.
> If you can help, call me collect ASAP, 207-786-0065.  If you're reading
> Monday 10-18, never mind.
> Thanks,
> --Kurt