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RE: audi sightings

yea its a 100, P.S. go out and get NFS 3 and download many of the audi's my
friend and I have made, these include: 5kQ ,5kQW, 200TQ, 200TQW, moded 200TQ
and 200TQW, V8Q, V8QW, UR-Q GT3, Sport Q, UR-Q. THere are also TT's out
there and a few A4's(some but ugly, some nice). I was also working on a 30v
A4 but the night before I was going to upload it my Hard drive crashed... 3
months of work down the drain, it had perfect exterior styling (inc.
underbody), photo-realistic interior, .1 second accuracy on all
acceleration, correct 130MPH top speed, and even correct sounds... Four
people's hard late-night summer work for 3 straight months and then my
computer crashed!. well enough blabbing about my problems from last year...
NFS 3 is much better than NFS 2... but make sure you have a 3D accelerator
card or else it looks like crap.

My $.75,

 - Anand Dhanda
   ex SAR10
   SST and 747 Type Captain SKYone
   Senior and Type Captain Virtual Virgin Atlantic
   Commercial Captain Chesapeake Air
   98.5 A4 2.8QMS     Silver/Black

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Took a break from working on the car today for a bit of computer
recreation.  I was playing need for speed II on the PC and in one of the
modes you can have traffic.  I swear that some of the vehicles are
Audi's!  They don't show the rings on the grill (probably copyright
reasons) but the bodystyle is unmistakably 5K.
Anybody else notice this?

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