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Re: yellow Koni's w/ stock springs for a 4kq?

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From: Ti Kan <ti@amb.org>
> The original post from Jeryd asked if it's ok to use
Koni yellows with stock
> springs.  This is actually the reverse scenario of
what's being discussed,
> in that a stiffer-valved shock is used with stock
springs.  I think that
> it will work fine, except at the expense of a harder
ride.  The overdamped
> characteristic of this combination would probably mean
slightly improved
> transient response and turn-in, but ultimate body roll
in a long sweeper
> would probably not be improved much over stock.
> I would adjust the Koni to one of the softer settings
for use with the
> stock springs, just so I don't get the worst of both
worlds -- bad ride
> quality and hardly improved handling.
> -Ti

I think Ti hit the nail pretty close to dead-center with
this.  Impacts, such as expansion strip would feel
harder, while slower forces, such as sweeping turns,
would not be impacted by the hard dampers.  A few years
ago, while involved with Porsche Club, the evolving
wisdom was to spring cars softly for comfort and dampen
them harder for control.  I think this was Jeryd's

Please keep the cards and letters coming.  This theory
stuff is a KICK!


 -  Doug