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FW: Age Old Question Answered? IX vs Quattro?

Spent Saturday running the south oval configuration at NHIS with COMSCC on 
Most fun I had on the track was running neck and neck with Dan Guliano in 
his E30 IX.

It just so happened that we lined up next to each other at the start and 
spent the next 20 minutes in fun city.

I never really realized how similar the IX is to the 20v Quattro.
The IX is rated at 170 HP....the Quattro at 164.
The IX has a GVW somewhere around 200 lbs more than the Quattro...only 75 
or so more than the heavier coupe.
Both of us were running street tires, Dan on RE71s and me on my trusty 
Both cars are essentially stock (Dan runs a K&N cone, I run a Ram Air in 
Box, and Dan has fresher springs).
Dan's car has 242,000 miles, mine, 240,000 miles.

I'm guessing that Dan and I are of similar driving talent (let's assume we 

Dan and I had a blast out there....he never passed me, but I don't think I 
would have passed him if I had started from behind him.  Dan had bigger 
torque which allowed him to creep up on me on the uphill after turn 3 and 
then again in the bowl.  We seemed about dead even in the straights, but I 
was able to gain the upper hand in the oval.  The only problem for us was 
the constant annoyance of getting passed all the time :::::::::

Thanks for a great time Dan....'till we race again ;-)

It's a driving school, right?

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