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Re: yellow Koni's w/ stock springs for a 4kq?

In a message dated 10/17/99 9:52:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time, ti@amb.org 

 The original post from Jeryd asked if it's ok to use Koni yellows with stock
 springs.  This is actually the reverse scenario of what's being discussed,
 in that a stiffer-valved shock is used with stock springs.  I think that
 it will work fine, except at the expense of a harder ride.  The overdamped
 characteristic of this combination would probably mean slightly improved
 transient response and turn-in, but ultimate body roll in a long sweeper
 would probably not be improved much over stock.
 I would adjust the Koni to one of the softer settings for use with the
 stock springs, just so I don't get the worst of both worlds -- bad ride
 quality and hardly improved handling.
 -Ti >>

    Yes, Ti, I suppose you are right..higher dampening given a constant 
spring rate will definitely result in a harsher ride.  My responses have been 
in regards to dampening vs spring stiffness as per the discussion with Steven 
Bigelow...I suppose we have strayed from the original post.  
    The nice thing about the Koni's is that they are adjustable, so the most 
appropriate dampening rate can be dialed in to the given set of spring rates 
and driving needs.  I can't see anything wrong with going with the 
adjustables, but again, spring and dampening rates need to be in proportion.  
An over dampened spring may see the contact patch off the ground, and not  on 
the road, where it should be...