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You think you're unhappy NOW?

>Date: Sun, 17 Oct 1999 01:43:14 GMT
>From: "Jimmy D" <audi_freak@hotmail.com>
>Subject: 4K coolant leak - THANKS...
>Thanks to all that responded to my leaking coolant post.  I think that I 
>fixed it, I also think that I’m going to buy an Aries K (or similar) car 
>that doesn’t require you to be a 75lb contortionist to change a single 12” 
>heater hose!  Just kidding , but the job was a RPITA.  I had to take half 
>the car apart just to (barley) reach the thing; and from there I had to work 
>by touch.  It took the better part of the day – most of the time was spent 
>scratching my head trying to figure out how to pull it off.   I was so glad 
>to see a hole in the old hose – due to the location I could only guess where 
>the leak actually was.   The guy at the auto part store sold me the wrong 
>hoses (yes, plural) but I managed to cut one of them to fit.  I should have 
>known this was going to happen when he called the car an Awdi.

Jimmy D, you think you're unhappy NOW?

Go and buy the Aries K . . . I had one, and lemme tellya, ANY Audi, no
matter how nasty and neglected, is a HUGE step up.

I bought an 84 K car, 2 door coupe, just three years and 50,000 miles old.
Everything you can imagine broke/bent/disintegrated/died on that car, and
NOT because I'm rough on cars, either. Aside from it's being a total POS,
I've had women say "I'm not riding in that car!" and refuse to go out with
me on THAT basis alone. Oddly enough, it was silver-grey with a blue
interior, just like my present 86 5KS. In 1987, when the car was only three
years old, it even looked pretty good, and was actually presentable - shiny
paint, upholstery not torn, ran well (for a K car anyway).

It rode like an old pickup truck, cornered like an epileptic spider with
the DT's, rattled, clanked and banged like a heavy-metal rock band in a
boiler factory, and you needed a perpetual calendar to figure out your 0-60
times - that's 0-60 KM/hr; I never would drive it at 60 MILES per hour. And
the engine sounded like a washing machine filled with bricks. 

When I sold it ('96?), the first person who came and looked at it said "If
that car runs even half as good as it looks, I'll buy it right now, and pay
your full price!" And he did. BELIEVE ME, I DO NOT miss that car.

Cured of K-cars,

Mike Arman

P.S. The guys at the auto parts store ALWAYS sell you the wrong parts -
that's what they do for a living. Their brothers work at nationally
franchised auto repair chains and install those wrong parts incorrectly for
too much money - they are known as "monkey lads".

Seriously, ANY time you buy parts, you MUST bring and match up the old
part! Most of these parts counter clowns got fired from their
burger-flipping jobs because they couldn't figure out how to assemble a
cheeseburger correctly.