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Re: Cars for sale: TN


Sorry for the delay in response.  Have been very busy trying to close out and 
move to CO. These are the current cars I have left

90 CQ  Red/Black leather Immaculate but needs paint
90/90 20V  Ready to go even has power seats.   89K
95 Audi A6 (Non Q)  11K actual Miles  Pearl/ecru
93 VW Eurovan  Red/Grey   89K
92 Vw Cabriolet   Burg/White   60K
Am restoring a 84/4000Q with 48K   White/brown
86 5000TQ  Pearl/blue Everything works 194K (currently driving)

Have some others in progress

I can deliver any of the cars to CO.  Will be out there middle NOV.

Joe Thompson