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Re: Audi 80 Engine Swap?

    Yeah I wasn't going into the details of a swap at all.  Way too much
work for way too little bhp.  I was commenting that it could be done, not
saying it should be done.  Although it would be nice to have a 16v 80, I
know I would like that.
    The battery relocation should be done in 80's anyway, IMHO.  If an 80
owner ever wants to get a real strut brace in there, the battery should be
moved.  I am planning to get an RS2 strut brace in my 80, but that means:
move battery.  I am using a euro B4 V6 battery console which bolts up right
behind the driver's headlamp.  Although that adds more weight up front, I
don't mind.  Then the washer fluid resevoir has to be replaced with the
headlight washer resevoir.  Then the hydraulic fluid resevoir has to
switched to B4 as well.  Not expensive at all, RS2 strut brace 100DM,
battery console 180DM, and junk yard resevoirs $50 tops.  Then I have a
steel strut brace going straight across instead of around the battery, much
more stable, plus it isn't shiny alloy it's steel!  The only re-wiring to
reach the battery is to the starter, everything else is long enough.  Whoops
didn't realize I was rambling, sorry.


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