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RE: A New Look at Torsens

In message <BBF46448A508D2118CCA00805F156E930272781D@xch-cpc-01.rdyne.bna.boeing.com> "Lewis, Gary M" writes:

> So, has anyone thought of any new reasons why spiders bite here (USA) and
> not there (UK, NZ, Greece?{Pantelis?})?

Bad translation by Bentley?

I only have the ur-quattro running gear microfiche here.  In both
English and German there is an error that was corrected by a Bulletin to
be filed in the microfiche folder.

So much is copied between the hydraulic lifter quattro microfiches (the
ur-quattro gearbox fiche refers the reader to the 200Q fiche in several
places) that it's entirely possible such an error also exists (or
existed at one time) in the 200Q fiche.  I don't know - I have to view a

I also don't know why the US source for this information in Bentley -
all of the material is available in English on real Audi microfiche.
Audi, though, send out periodic corrections.  Does Bentley?

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
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