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RE: injector cleaning

I started using injector cleaners (Wynn's, STP) about 6 months ago, not
because I had problems, but because it was 'the thing to do' to keep
your car running well. In my experience, after I started using the
cleaner is when things started going downhill. Engine started running
rough, poor idling, less power.  I should have heeded the old saying "If
it ain't broke, don't fix it"
Stephane Livolsi
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'86 5KTQ stock (if you don't know what it means, you aren't in the club)

>From: 	Decsi Miklos[SMTP:MDecsi@pgsm.hu]
>Sent: 	October 18, 1999 8:26 AM
>To: 	'quattro@audifans.com'
>Subject: 	injector cleaning
> My '83 Audi 80 Q (I5 engine, K-Jettronic) has some problems. It hasn't been
>accelerating well under 2500 rpms for 2 days now. 
> Gas is very "dirty" here in Hungary, so I suspect my injection system got
>dirty too. Maybe it isn't the problem, but if I clean this that won't do any
> There can be bought different injector celaner fluids here. You just have
>to add them to the gas and they will do their job.
> Has anyone tried them (I am sure some of you did) before? What to look for
>when buying a thing? Are there better ones or worse ones? There is one
>brand, called Wynn's (I think) which sound like it is an American one. Do
>you know this brand?Is it good?
> Thank for all your help.