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Just put Hella 500s on the Coupe...

My "Hella" story:

I was in the USAF and lived in West Germany in 1987.  One night, one of my
friends was driving us through the countryside and because it was pitch
black, he had his brights on.  Well, we come upon a car going the other way
and this other car flashed us to turn our brights off.  My dumb friend
didn't.  The other car flashes again and dumb friend still doesn't turn down
his lights.  Then, when the other car is about 20m from us, he hits the
rally lights right in our faces.  OH MY!  I thought my brain was going to
explode!  My friend brings the car to a screeching halt, because he can't
see at all!  Lesson learned, I hope.

Point of the story: not much really, just that rally lights are very, very,
very bright.

Jimmy Pribble
1993 /S4 quattro

Jimmy's Audi S4 quattro Pages


Date: Sun, 17 Oct 1999 18:47:25 -0700
From: only5kgt@uswest.net
Subject: Just put Hella 500s on the Coupe...

Subject line about says it all. These are the *big* round
driving lights, the ones that they suggest wiring to work
only with the high beams (huh?) this didn't make sense till
I saw the beam put out by these monsters with a 55w H3.
These were dubbed the "MonstroBeacons" by my passengers.
They pretty much can't be used on anything but an empty
road. Which, serendipitously, I found, the day after putting
them on the car. There was a concert at Arcosanti in
northern AZ. This entails 3 miles each way of a fun dirt
road leading away from I-17. Fun, fun, fun. I'll not forget
the look on the parking lot guy's face as we soared up at
about 65 mph (gotta love 60 series tires for this kind of
work) with the front end lighting up the sky.
Anyone else ever tried these? I mounted them on the front of
the bumper (I admit, not the best of protection, but I
didn't want to drill into the cover) by removing the
reflectors beside the turnsignals. I then mounted
home-fabbed L-brackets to the bumper mount Torx bolts. Looks
wildly rallyish, exactly to my taste for this car. I should
have a page together soon with pics...

Am wondering what the max wattage for these Hellas is. Just
curious (grin)... I only used them once with other traffic
in sight, that SUV cleared the left lane damn quickly for a
change. (flame that last line if you must)