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Sticking up for K-Cars (WOT)

I'll never drive a K-car, I'd sooner pick up a date in a shopping cart, but
I must relate this:
My Ultra-Hippie Aunt has had a silver K-Car since it was new in the
mid-80's. This car has been through over 10 Edmonton, Canada winters and now
lives in the Kootenay Mountains of British Columbia where it serves as
fire-road taxi between her remote cabin and the nearest town, 30 miles away.
I doubt it's ever had an oil change, much less any other scheduled
maintenance. With over 400K (kilos) on the clock, it seems to run perfectly,
as I saw to my amazement when the dust-caked beast of burden made a recent
trip down to visit us in Portland. Just so you know there's an exception to
every rule!

'87 5kSQ

Jon Archibald
Civil Design
W&H Pacific

> On Mon, 18 Oct 1999 10:12:52, Mike Arman wrote:
> >Go and buy the Aries K . . . I had one, and lemme tellya, ANY Audi, no
> >matter how nasty and neglected, is a HUGE step up.
> According to Doron Levin's _Behind the Wheel at Chrysler_, the Chrysler
> engineers' acronym for the typical K-car buyer was PODS: Poor Old Dumb
> S***s.