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Re: (JIM!) Consumer Edition CD-ROM coming from VESIS

Sorry I had to post to the list- Jim's e-mail wasn't working.

Subj:   Re: Consumer Edition CD-ROM coming from VESIS
Date:   10/18/99 10:41:43 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:   AudiBiTurbo
To: dupree@alldata.com

Hi Jim.  The VESIS help line is 1-800-423-1617 (Volkswagen Electronic 
Services).  I talked to a nice woman there, but didn't get her name.  BTW, 
this is the same company as Bentley- because I mentioned that the Bentley 
manuals are often wrong, especially with wiring diagrams.  She replied 
something to the effect that "we are Bentley and we use the same diagrams, 
albeit updated from VW/Audi frequently."   The other option that I have and 
might exercise is to subscribe to the VESIS service, if a dealer will let me 
add onto thier account.  Once the first 3 terminals are paid for (3 included 
in the monthly subscription fee), then each additional terminal is only $10. 
or $15. per month (I have the Audi bulletin on it somewhere).  You might be 
able to find it at "Http://tech.vw.com"  (do not use "www").
I notice the "alldata.com" in your e-mail.  What's the chance you can get me 
a deal on an extra "key" to utilize my uncle's expired CD's (he owns a 
service station in NYC and has been a subscriber for quite some time- but 
it's a pain to have him fax me up TSB's, etc.)?  I'd greatly appreciate any 
help you might provide me there.  I even took apart his spare "key" to find 
the circuit board with the identifying chip markings scratched off.  I could 
reverse engineer it, but I never have time when I'm down visiting.  Well, it 
would beat paying a subscription fee for something I might use once per 
month, max.

Let me know if I can be of any other help.

Best Wishes,
Mark Rosenkrantz