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Bleeding Brakes Procedure Check

    When I bled the brakes on my 80 I did the following:  Jack the car up
one wheel at a time, start the car, pump the brakes a couple of times,
loosen bleeder, fluid flows through clear plastic tube into bottle, leave
the bleeder open and pump the pedal moving more fluid out, close bleeder,
pump some more, open bleeder and pump again until clean fluid comes through
    I drain the resevoir by doing that procedure until there is only 1-2
pumps left in the resevoir, fill with fresh stuff, then bleed as described
above all around the car.  This right, I just want to everything right when
getting the Super Blue in?
    Or is it better to just open the bleeder and wait for the fluid to move
on it's own?


Alexander van Gerbig
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