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Re: Rice-boy type 44?

That's not riced out.  Why do ppl use that term when they don't
understand?  Riced out is mongo muffler tips, wacked out of size spoilers,
foglights like in every front end.  So you're calling all the racing cars
BTCC, German Touring cars, with stickers riced out too?

On Sat, 16 Oct 1999, Eyvind Spangen wrote:

> Check out these pictures:
> http://home.c2i.net/spangen/audi/100-88b-1.jpg
> http://home.c2i.net/spangen/audi/100-88b-2.jpg
> http://home.c2i.net/spangen/audi/100-88b-3.jpg
> http://home.c2i.net/spangen/audi/100-88b-4.jpg
> The car could have been nice if he spent the money used on stickers
> (or what you want to call it) on a set of nice 16" wheels instead..
> :-)
> ES