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RE: RE: over/under bet - T*rson Thread


I was talking about credibility, not who is the best driver on earth. You
lost your credibility when you stiffed my friends on this list. Make good
with Frank Bauer et al or go away.


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> In a message dated 10/19/99 1:16:34 AM, bbell04@ibm.net writes:
> >I can understand your anger, but not the rage....
> >
> >It is obvious you have neither ridden with Scott nor
> observed his driving I
> >have, and his driving credentials are sound. Flame him with
> what you want;
> >but you lose a lot of credibility with this one.
> Then your lack of experience is showing.  Scott is not nearly
> the driver that
> you make him out to be.
> Remember where I'm coming from.  Skip Barber Racing School, I
> was one of the
> Instructor development instructors. I KNOW what a good driver
> is.  Scott's
> Slow hands and numb butt do not make him a good instructor.
> Remember it's in the archives, with 40 Less Hp's much less
> tire (D60's in a
> 60 Section to Scott's SP8000 in a 55 section) and less brakes
> (Stock Pads to
> his Pagids) I ran FOUR Seconds a lap faster than him at the
> same track on the
> same day.....
> Driving Credentials sound?  I think...  No make that I. Know not.
> Eric Fletcher SOC
> The only person on this list to make a living driving and teaching
> racing......