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Re: A new look at t*rsens

Hmmm, I don't know, Gary, I think you'd have to be a rocket scientist to
make sense out of the torsen thread. But gosh, you are a rocket scientist,
aren't you?  :o)

Personally, I find the thread a fascinating display of alpha male behaviour.

Fred Munro
'94 S4  90k km

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From: Lewis, Gary M <Gary.Lewis@West.Boeing.com>
To: <quattro@audifans.com>; 'Scott Justenssen' <QSHIPQ@aol.com>
Sent: Monday, October 18, 1999 6:30 PM
Subject: RE: A new look at t*rsens

> Scott said;
> > Gary writes:
> > >gnore the temptation to continue the insanity of the
> > >previous threads.  They don't work.  I'm not sure this will work
> > but
> > >I am willing to try.
> > >So, has anyone thought of any new reasons why spiders bite here (USA)
> > >not there (UK, NZ, Greece?{Pantelis?})??  Did anyone answer Huw's
> > question
> > >about steering wheel orientation in NZ??  Dave???Gary
> >
> > Gary, your question really is moot.  In order for you to proceed in the
> > leadership role here, *you* have to get the basic information in front
> > you.
> >
> Snip
> Scott et al:
> I am not interested in a "Leadership Role".  Nor, regardless of what basic
> information I possess (and there is huge gray area in anyone assessing
> knowledge I *MAY* possess, but let's assume I'm an ignoramus, it doesn't
> change my approach), will I attempt to take or sell a technical position.
> do have a position BTW, it just seems self serving for me to post my
> without asking what I believe is answers to THE question.  And I believe
> question isn't does bite happen or not, but why here (USA) and not there
> (UK, NZ, etc.).  That is what I see everyone fighting over...
> I prefer facilitator.  I am attempting (with EVERYONE'S help) to look at
> this issue with a totally new and different approach.  An information
> gathering, brain racking, let's put every single idea on the table, even
> they are stupid like my #4.  The current method isn't working, as the many
> emails that have passed back and forth will attest to.
> Call this a social experiment.  I work at a place where a large number of
> people have to solve extremely complex problems.  Oh, just to help
> understand me, I work at Boeing ROCKETDYNE.  We build rocket engines, such
> as the ones that put men on the moon, most of America's satellite network,
> and those 4 recent ICBM missile intercepts.  We have problems that I'd
> venture to say are rather complex.  We solve them in the manner I'm
> currently promoting.  Get as much information on the table as possible,
> analyze it piece by piece, then all the pieces together.
> Let's take # 4, which I promote as being stupid (easy to bash self, much
> less flaming...)
> Is it possible that there are different Torsen Diffs between America and
> the UK??
> Yes.
> Probable??
> I myself would say no.  But it is possible...
> How do you answer this question?  Start by looking at part numbers (which
> are, yea for progress), the application of those numbers, then eventually
> putting two of the damn things side by side if need be (like one out of my
> 1990 200tqa and Phil's 1990?  100tqa).  Eventually eliminate or further
> raise this issue as a suspect.
> Do this with all the available evidence, and it will (I hope) point to the
> reason that Phil and Dave don't seem to experience bite, and Scott and
> et al. seem to.  At least illuminate the issues in a more friendly,
> oriented way, which actually is my ultimate goal.
> Work with me here people, or hell, better yet, someone take charge of this
>   I'm not after control, leadership, or glory.  I just want to drive my
> Audi, make love to my wife, drink beer, and read this lists' comments...
> I don't get 1 demerit for this response, do I??  :-)
> Gary