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Re: Pressure sensor showing 2.1 bar...

Mine stuck at 1.9 bar on a stock '87 5TQ and the only remedy was a new ( actually
used ) ECU.  The pressure sensor is soldered to the ECU board.   Sounds like you
are knowledgable with electronics so you could just replace the pressure sensor
with some resoldering.


MHLIGGINS@aol.com wrote:

>     Did some looking through Bentley. Found that the pressure switch gets
> routed through
> the fuel pump relay. At least I think that's what I've found. Anyway, I did
> some additional
> checking on the ‘87 5KQ tonight. Finally pulled the FPR and brought it
> inside. Pulled off the little
> plastic cover and didn’t notice anything unusual at first. Then I tried to
> wiggle the connectors.
> One of the big ones moved freely, even though it **appeared** to have lots of
> solder holding it in
> place.
>     I’ve assumed that it being loose is a BAD thing. Is that correct? I’m
> planning to resolder
> it, but have to wait until tomorrow because I took all my soldering equipment
> to school to work on
> some equipment in the lab.
>     Can anyone comment as to whether this may be on the track to correcting
> the problem?
>     Thanks.
>     --ml