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a new look at torsens

what i learned from the torsen thread is that scott j and jeff are track
racers and they use cornering manoeuvers learned in driving schools and from
track experience, to gain an advantage over the opposition in order to
win...is this learned driving behaviour applicable to a torsen equipped 4wd
        dave and phil and pantelis drive their torsen equipped cars hard
primarily on highways and bi ways. i would bet that they don't use the same
_track learned_ driving techniques on the roads they drive because they are
doing it for sheer exhileration and joy and not to earn a competitive
advantage. dave mentioned that walter rohrl drove his torsen ur quattro
around a track _very_ competitively with no problem. but was it under race
conditions or just fast.... from my bicycle racing days (canadian champion)
i know that many can go fast, but in order to win you go where others fear
to tread. the risk is to crash and burn _or_ to win. winning was always
worth the crashes used to learn how to win. so although walter is a
professional racer with a skill level possibly higher than scott and jeff,
he had no problems in a torsen ur quattro at the limit on the track.
        so is the difference possibly driving technique?
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