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RE: Sport seat colors

The sport seats did come in that color (or close anyway). The leather is
tan/ beige and the center is alcantara, kind of, a very light brown/beige/
I do have a set (similar) that the alcantara had just been replaced for
BTW, if you are not familiar with the term alcantara, it is a suede like
material (synthetic, I think?) that Audi love to use! (still use it), it is
very comfortable to seat on and "no sliding" (as in leather), only problem
is wear resistance characteristics not that good (compare to leather).
If you have any interest in my seats let me know, shortly they will go on
the list.
Take care,

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To the collective:

Was in the junkyard last week and ran across a metallic green type 44 (not
lago blue, this was Earl Scheib's best, overspray and all).  Looked inside
and saw what appeared to be sport seats, but they were this really strange
almost skin-tone color, about the color of a Band Aid.  Definitely not tan.
 They were pretty beat, too.

Never seen sport seats this color.  The rest of the leather interior was
the same color as well.

Did the sport seats come in this color, but:

1.  the sun bleached them out (or)

2.  I've discovered where the aliens are putting all their cow slicing

Please fill me in, on the type 44s what color did the sport interior come

-Steve Jensen
(if the answer is 2., what film speed is best for photographing aliens?)