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RE: Resume's of 2 Racers and an idiot - (long)

Both Greg A and the late Eric F like to compare....  Resume's.  I'm intrigued 
by that in reference to any discussion.  In private posts EF has claimed I am 
no driver. .  I (guess I) was 4 seconds off his laptime (er, 5 years ago, 
great memory).  I personally expected it to be worse than that given I've 
never been at Gateway (EF's home track), and that the BMW club events tend to 
be more agressive in street car lapping than I do (and didn't a couple of 
cars get bundled up in a ball that weekend?).  I guess when you have an 
insurance payoff quattro vs my daily driver at the time (mit payments) one 
can afford to take more risks.  EF's full "claimed" resume is in the 
archives, and though it seems impressive, it also seems somewhat incredulous 
as well.  His "claims" of Skip Barber are documented here, but cking with one 
of our prorally navigators that works for the company, no documentation 
exists (suffice it to say, this wasn't the only information revealed) of all 
the claims.  Not a challenge, not a big deal, just puts in perspective the 
rest of the claims, IMO.

I also observe Greg A, who also has an impressive resume of driving 
experience.  I would love to see his pine after RA, be fullfilled.  I have 
been on that track for 15+ years greg, you are missing one of the finest.  
However, given where the resume resides on a site, it's used as a 
marketing/credibility tool more than a factual one.  Selling brake kits with 
a resume is an interesting concept.  I don't feel the need to do that, maybe 
I should.

What is distinctly missing from both above specifically to quattros, is a 
Steamboat experience (well we could argue, quattro racing experience too).  
All racing egos are tempered at this venue, and I challenge both and/or 
either to entertain us with a lap time, without the self proclaimed driving 
expertise.  We all promise to laugh and buy you a beer after the hazing.

I too raced competitively, so did Jeff G, so did many others here.  Bragging 
about it?  Why?  I don't see the best do it, they just enjoy doing their 
jobs, and give credit to the pit boys, the sponsors, and the fans.  I have 
been in a car with EF as recently as 5 years ago, no question he then could 
make a quattro dance (I've since moved on to locking the center diff).  
However, due to some QCLUB issues and some business issues unresolved here, 
he has become his own worst enemy (not to mention a driver reputation that 
has a...   history).  I also would venture to say, that many folks that 
continually reap the benefits of track events, have become (or just are) 
better quattro street car drivers than the two self proclaimed racers above.  

I find resume's to be like dropping drawers with a ruler.  I've always raced 
cuz I thought it was fun.  I thought all racers did.  I stand corrected.  I 
also can say, that my racing and club experiences have been more fun in 
meeting others (Blomqvist, Buffum, Shepard, Woodner, Unser/s,  Rahal, 
Haywood, Biela, Kazinski, Anderson, even the polumbo bros...), than in any 
posted lap times at a venue by me or them.

Anyone that has been in a passengers seat with me, doesn't need my resume (my 
claim).  No one at *any* track event, finds me discussing torsens, verbal 
volleys or verbal lobs.  What you find is me, wrenching quattros, asking 
questions, driving competitively, evaluating cars, getting instruction, and 
instructing drivers (including some racers that don't have *all* the lines) 
how to be better at what they do, and appreciating good beers and laughs at 
the end of the day.  My resume in this respect is documented, on this list, 
and in QCLUB, BMW, Lotus, and other marque events. 

Eric, you seem compelled to *need* this list for some reason.  I urge you to 
clear your slate, and resolve your conflicts, all attempts to return here 
have been by bullying and intimidation.  And the main reason you aren't here, 
is listmembers with oustanding money and/or parts issues.  Your own actions 
would dicate this isn't your classroom anymore.  Bruce put it best, get out.

Greg, I don't know you, except for what I see here and on your site, in all 
honesty, your resume doesn't help *my* perception of you (I read the whole 
thing).  So, might I suggest that we meet at a quattro club event somewhere 
down the road, or maybe you could come *prove* what you have to at Steamboat. 
 Your BIRA posts got us off on the wrong foot.  You can fire at me with the 
biggest guns in your ordinance, but my resume here also shows I have stamina 
on the quattro list front line.  It comes with enthusiasm for 'quattro', 
despite my heretical posts to the contrary (Phil and Dave E get all over that 
for you).

I'm just an idiot.  My only claim.  Pointing that out is fine with me, but 
that just makes for more questions.  Sometimes the answers finds me in very 
good company. What's there to measure then?

Scott Justusson