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FS 86 5KTQ

The snows about to fly, someone has to be looking for a car like this don't 
Platinum on Blk sport int, 170K miles, ext 8, int 8+

done; struts, alt, starter, rack, front axles,rad, M/C, fuel pump, blower, 
A/C comp, aux water pump & hoses, ATE rotors & pads, tbelt and pump 40K 
ago,1.8 bar boost, oil cooler & lines, temp sender, tow hitch, phone, ALL 
electricals work, incl seat heat/memory, phone
car has Fuchs and new tires.  Gotta make room for a new car
$3K B.O.
Portland Maine
H 207 772 5013 W 1 800 452 8762

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