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Octane vs. carbon buildup?

There may be no correlation, but I am wondering what octane (rating system 
taken into account) level of gas is used by those who have had massive 
carbon buildup, and by those that haven't?

I've always used 92 octane (Chevron, btw) in my VW\Audi cars, because of 
course with the higher compression they don't run too well on anything less 
than premium.  At least in my experience.

What then is the current wisdom on keeping your valves, pistons and 
combustion chambers clean, besides Techron?  Does octane\quality of gas play 
a role?

Also did Audi issue a TSB on why those A6s have the carbon problem as listed 
below?  Too cold a thermostat??


AudiUSA just replaced my 1996 A6 engine at 49K for carbon build up and
other mechanical problems.   I couldn't beleive the amount of carbon in the
combustion chamber.  Anyway, when did you start using Audi Techron (milage
wise)?  Is Audi Techron different from Chevron Techron, the inventor of the

At 01:34 PM 10/18/99 -0700, you wrote:
>I use the Audi Techron additive once a month and the inside of the engine
>was clean at 287km when the head was pulled off. No carbon on the pistons,
>or valves and I'm still running the original injectors. Can't hurt.

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