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RE: Bouncing speedo fix

While the process that Bob applied to his car is guaranteed to fix the
problem with bad connections at the instrument cluster PCB, it is a quite
involved process that might appear to be a bit daunting to some.  When I was
helping Bob fix his car, the research I did showed that there is some
likelihood that the problem could be dealt with by adding a separate ground
for the speedometer.  There was a really good description of this at one
time on the Select Transportation website, but I just checked and it seems
to be NLA.  I would recommend to anyone who has a problem with a bouncing
speedo needle on an early 100 or 200 model that if you don't want to go
"whole hog" to just try finding out which pin on the speedo head was
grounded, and then to add a new wire to that same point.  On the other end
of the wire attach a screw lug that would allow a direct connection to a
grounded screw on the instrument cluster.  The feedback from Select
Transportation was that this fix had been applied to a number of cars and
seemed to work universally well ...

HTH someone ... and I have no interest in Select Transportation at all ...
just passing along some information that I found useful that they had on
their website at one time so I thought I should attribute my source ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> -----Original Message-----
> Several years ago I encountered the proverbial bouncing speedometer
> problem.  Since several posts have indicated that this is a recurring
> problem I am attaching the repair procedure I finally came up 
> with to truly
> solve the problem with the '89 200tq instrument cluster.  It 
> permanently
> solved the problem with that instrument cluster.  I suppose that the
> present problem may well benefit from the same treatment.