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Re: Additional torsen stability factor - was Alignment

In message <0.4dccf194.253ddc99@aol.com> QSHIPQ@aol.com writes:

> >This, IMO, is what's happening.  It's bad alignment, especially at the
> >rear.  My car is now booked in to BR Motorsport this Thursday, and I'll
> >see if I can get a copy of the Type 44 specifications.
> Perfect!  Sounds good to me!  Now, if you have addressed the rears and not
> the fronts, you only partially addressed the issue.  To address the fronts,
> you need new rubber on the swaybar.  Give us a report on the before and
> after.  We could all learn from your experience Phil.  Please let us, cuz
> your statements come up short in theory, application and documentation.


Oh, dear.

The fronts did not need 'addressing' because the PO had the front
rebuilt about three months before I bought it.  Yes, it was well out of
specification (mainly right camber) but Martin reset it as a matter of

Short in theory, application and documentation?  Well, I think I'm the
only one who's posted complete specifications for any chassis.  In fact,
in straight fact terms, _YOU_ are the one seriously lacking.

I've got a deal.  I'll get the Type 44 specifications, and we agree an
independent escrow from the list.  I send mine, you send yours, and the
escrow then publishes both.

How about that?

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
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