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Re: units of measurement

'Fraid not... I know for a fact that 1981 Saab Turbos came stock with 190/65HR390
TRX tires... Dad had a hell of a time finding reasonably priced replacement tires
for his in 1990, having bought the car new. I think the TRX came around in the
late '70s. Ford put them on the optional wheels in the early '80s Mustang GTs,
but the SVO got Gatorbacks, along the lines of the '84 Corvette- this tire was
also considered quite the thing in its day, at least it followed size
Again, this is all from a memory of magazine articles, but I'm fairly sure of my
recall in this case. As I've said, I have an '85 CGT (M.A.C.) and enough
magazines from that era to completely fill its trunk...

-=Bob=- wrote:

> Stephen Bigelow wrote:
> > SVO Mustang....'84 I think?
> >
> >
> > >Yep, along with some other neato-torpedo cars like the 1984 Ferrari Testa
> > >Rossa and one of my favorite Q-ships of all time - the 1988 BMW M5.
> > >
> Hmmmm.. always thought 86 was first year for TR. (of the modern TR's that is)
> Bob