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RE: Torsen stuff

Dave E writes:
btw, in both scenarios you can mess with the torque distribution by messing
with the front slip angles (by steering input, whatever).  once again, the
only difference between the torsen is on corner entry where the torsen
maintains a 50% torque distribution f/r, and the locker can't, and the fact
that with the torsen, torque distribution is eventually limited by the
torque bias ratio.  which the locker cant.
your misunderstanding (and others i might add) on this point is at such a
fundamental level that it negates your handling argument completely.
however, i do now understand why you make the claims you do, based on these

Ok, dave, let's presume *all* your assumptions are correct.  What causes 
understeer at ALL times in a locked center diff?  Where is the oversteer?  We 
missed it.  You also may want to ck Fig 5 and the below text in your 
reference paper before you go much further.  You are missing something REALLY 

I claim a locked diff on the same cf doesn't oversteer.  It can't, it doesn't 
*allocate* torque ala torsen, it's even dumber.  Hint:  Dave, what happens to 
torque when the front of a locker starts to slip during a turn (traction vs 
slip angle)?  What would you expect the chassis dynamics to be?

Scott J