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Re: Fuchs 15x7 wheels - last call


...with some modern studded tires with old style 14mm (legality
questionable) studs....
...BTW, the 14mm studs cannot be used with the new Nokian
rubber due to the new mounting style for new 9mm studs.

So let us in on "what type" of modern studded tires you're using. Are
you mounting the Hakki 1's with old style studs in them? As a true
Finlander, you're not using anything _but_ Hakkapellitta's are you? I
thought that only the new eco studs worked with these. Yesterday I just
ordered _another_ set of four fabulously grippy 195/65-15 91T Hakki 1's
with eco studs for my Porsche 944. Same size as my '89 200 quattro avant
"S6'er" uses. It will be fun to compare... Yes, the wife drives the
Avant now and I get to spin circles in the Porsche this winter. After 8
plus years of spoiled sticky quattro driving in the winter, my 944 will
challenge my driving skills at the minimum. At least it has an 016
gearbox, 50/50 weight split - and built by the gold 'ol boys 'n gals in Neckarsulm.


Thompson Smith        http://www.thompsonsmith.com/200.jpg
1987 Porsche 944 / 1989 Audi quattro avant "S6"  GMR/PCA