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Re: Playing with camber


Keith Anderson setup his urq to have mega front camber using the stock
upper strut mount holes. Before the NER QCUSA '96 event out at Lime Rock
Park, he had cut and 'removed" some material on the lower struts where
the hub mounts and rewelding them in with -2.5 deg or so negative
camber. Seemed to give it a good squat and looked like it worked out on
the track well too. Total camber, if I can remember what Keith said, was
in the area of -4 deg or so using the stock upper strut mount holes.
Track car only _yes_!


Thompson Smith        http://www.thompsonsmith.com/200.jpg
1987 Porsche 944 / 1989 Audi quattro avant "S6"  GMR/PCA