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RE: Rice-boy type 44?

I guess what I mean by excessive is putting lights on to put lights on, as 
opposed to adding visibility at night.

I hear you about the paint. The Audi in the pictures that were posted was 
horrible. I think he should have had the decency to have the rear badges 
removed so he could paint under them, instead of simply painting a square 
around them.

At least that's my opinion...


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>Subject: RE: Rice-boy type 44?
>Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 09:28:42 -0400
>I never really followed the terminology because I always thought that it
>was a bit offensive. I don't like people calling Japanese cars and bikes
>"rice burners," either. But that's not a major issue for me.
>I think it's cheesy to have stickers all over your car, whether or not it
>goes fast. What constitutes excessive fog lights? My Pathfinder will soon
>have a set of Hella 550 fogs and 500 driving, along with H4 main beams. Is
>that excessive? :-)
>Then again, the truck doesn't have stickers all over it. Stickers are
>removable, though, unlike some horrendous paint jobs that I've seen.
>Taka Mizutani
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>Personally I've always associated cars that are "riced" with Japanese 
>BUT, would it be fair to say that a car is riced when the exterior bragging
>(ie muffler tips, spoilers, excessive fog lights, and oh yes, stickers)
>aren't proportional with the car's performance abilities?

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