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RE: those of you running eurolights on your '86-'91 typ44 turbos

Up here in Canada (British Columbia, anyway), eh, having driving lights
on with your low beams is a ticket magnet for your local revenue
collection officers, more commonly referred to as the RCMP.  I would
definately suggest wiring them into your high beams.  It might save you
some tickets and also won't anger motorists coming toward you.

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'86 5KTQ stock (if you don't know what it means, you aren't in the club)

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>Subject: 	Re: those of you running eurolights on your '86-'91 typ44 turbos
>another question  - my '86 5kT already has aftermarket under-bumper mounted 
>Bosch driving lights that come on when the lo beams are on, and are wired to 
>a OEM driving light switch in the console. 
>when i install the eurolights, can i still have the Bosch's come on while the
>eurolight driving lights are on at low beam?  i guess that would make both 
>the eurolight driving lights, and the Bosch driving lights and the low beams 
>all come on at once....overkill?.  or should i wire the eurolight driving 
>lights to come on at high beam?   what have some of you done?
>also- i dont have to install another driving light switch for the eurolight 
>driving lights, do i?  
>'86 5kT, TQ