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Re: Audi 100 Brakes

Bob writes:
> The brake light on my dash has been flickering when I first start up the
> car.  It progressively flickers less and less as the car heats up.
> After about 30 mins, the light doesn't come on.
> My mechanic has said its the brake pad sensors.  It seems reasonable.
> When I'm on the highway, the light doesn't come on.  I'm not sure if its
> because the car is hot when I'm on the highway or if the its because the
> road is smoother.
> What are your thoughts on this?

Ti writes:
> Another possibility is that your hand brake lever switch is intermittent.

You may also want to confirm that your hydraulic fluid level is not low.  I
believe this can cause the brake light to flicker or illuminate.

Jason Small
Boulder, CO
89 100q