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Re: More Torsen

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From: Lewis, Gary M <Gary.Lewis@West.Boeing.com>
> Thanks for the comments.  In my original post, I kinda asked that these
> types of answers to THE QUESTION be left out, at least initially.  If we
> can't deduce the problem examining issue of a more technical nature, we
> start looking at what you propose, which kinda falls into the "American's
> drive like wankers", or, "Them Furrigner's couldn't find their a$$e$ with
> road map and a grappling hook.

Perhaps I should clarify things. My answer was not intended as derogatory
'such-and-such a nation can't drive' etc, but more along the lines of trying
to explain why the 'bite' is reported in the US and not elsewhere (Phil's
type 44 excepted).
I'm not denying that the 'bite' exists, it may well do so, but rather than
adding more technical theories to the two that I have already raised, I
thought that I would try to explain how such a thing might be perceived by
different cultural 'mindsets'.

Jim Haseltine