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RE: New 5kq clutch is slipping ???

Are you sure you put the new clutch disk in the right way around?

Nick Craft

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Subject: New 5kq clutch is slipping ???


I have installed a new clutch in my '87 5kcstq.  New pieces include
*everything* except the pedal and the plumbing.

My new clutch is slipping and I don't understand why.  The level of
slip is not great.  The car moves smartly off the line, but the clutch
starts slipping as the boost kicks in.

Are there any adjustments that I can make?  The only adjustment that I
encountered was the threaded pin that mates the master cylinder to the
pedal.  It would seem that this controls how far the master cylinder
is deployed with the pedal at rest.

Currently, I have this adjustment set such that the master cylinder is
as *extended* as possible (the pin is fully screwed into the pedal).
I could change this adjustment and compress the master cylinder
further, but it seems to me that this would, if anything, push the
clutch further in, causing it to slip even more.

Should I even have to adjust a hydraulic clutch??

Any help would be appreciated.


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