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Re: 1990 200 TQW-Crack in radiator at upper hose

At 08:52 PM 10/20/1999 -0400, Ron Frazier wrote:
>Tonight while I was replacing the crankcase breather hose on my 200, I saw a
>hairline crack in the black plastic at the hose connection of the upper
>hose.  water is seeping out at a slow rate.  What are the possible ways to
>fix this problem?  Do you replace the entire radiator,  take it out and have
>the top replaced or is there a miracle cure that can be administered in
>situ?  Also, What are the tricks for getting this thing out of the car.  I
>have read the Bentley yet but it just looks like special techniques may be
>required. Thanks for the help.
>Ron Frazier
>1990 200tqw
>1993 100csqw
I epoxied a 1.25  sink metal drain pipe after stretching several inches
of the pipe about  .030 or soto widen the diameter to a sweat fit over the
broken stump of the upper radiator  pipe.  I then fiberglassed the pipe
to reinforce it to the radiator.  This has held without any leaks for about
2 years.  The plastic tubes on these radiators  as well as the overflow
tanks are prone to cracking  probably  from the stress of the clamps
and the vibration and heat.  The dealer has a similar kit with a metal pipe
and epoxy  , if I recall correctly from a post  a year or so ago,  I fixed
the over flow tank  (bottom nipple ) which cracked off  several months ago
and its holding fine so far too.     Good Luck.   Mike