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Re: Tires (here we go again)

Todd Phenneger wrote:

> No,
>         Ive seen a couple each year around this time.  But as of yet, I
> have not seen one this year.  And mostly they are Blizzak vs ???? wars.
> I'm looking for Graspic info and have never seen much on that.  Other than
> (I hear they are good)  Just lookign for some first hand info.  And I've
> found some.
>         Thanks for the scalding. :-)
> L8R

Last year we discussed all relative merits of all major snow tires. Its an annual
event, like the Torsen debate. We just sling snow insteada mud.

Dave (who lives in FL and doesn't worry about snow tires much and owns a Torsen
200q that doesn't get close enough to 9/10s to matter and isn't interested or
worried enough to replace tranny and driveshaft with an earlier non torsen model -
but still reads all posts, has met both EF and SJ, like them both and would
probably like DE and PP even though all of them have egos the size of Texas)