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Re: 1990 200 TQW-Crack in radiator at upper hose

With fingers crossed, I report no BTDT, Ron, but I've read here repeatedly
that the glue-on radiator neck replacement kit that Audi offered through
dealerships more often than not fails.  Most of the postings have
reported/advised that finding an all-metal replacement radiator is a much
more successful fix.  I'll bet a search of the archives would turn up a
number of sources, but the name I remember seeing the most is Modine.

Kneale Brownson

At 08:52 PM 10/20/99 -0400, Ron Frazier wrote:
>Tonight while I was replacing the crankcase breather hose on my 200, I saw a
>hairline crack in the black plastic at the hose connection of the upper
>hose.  water is seeping out at a slow rate.  What are the possible ways to
>fix this problem?  Do you replace the entire radiator,  take it out and have
>the top replaced or is there a miracle cure that can be administered in
>situ?  Also, What are the tricks for getting this thing out of the car.  I
>have read the Bentley yet but it just looks like special techniques may be
>required. Thanks for the help.
>Ron Frazier
>1990 200tqw
>1993 100csqw