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Noisy Delrin Bushings

Does anyone have any experience with the Delrin bushings as sold by Blau for
the front and rear lower control arms on a 4000q?  I installed a set last
week, together with the H&R springs to complete the suspension upgrade that
began with Boge Turbo Pro struts.  The bushings pressed into the lower
control arm mounts a little easier than I expected.  The instruction sheet
indicated that after initial hand assembly, the bushings would need to be
driven home with an arbor press (something like the OEM rubber bushings, I
expect).  However, we were able to push them home essentially by hand.  When
the car is driven, I can hear the bushings moving around within the lower
control arm mounts.  I can also bounce the car by hand (its hard with those
springs and struts!), and hear the slight movement between the bushings and
the control arms.  I trusted my mechanic to properly torque the control arm
mounting bolts (to 60 Nm or about 43 ft-lb), and I had him check it again
today.  But is it possible that they need to be torqued again?  I assume
that he torqued them up with the weight of the car on the suspension as
required by the installation instructions (and indeed the Bentley manual),
but if not, would this lead to excessive play between the bushings and the
control arm mounts?  Or is it possible that the bushings I received were
off-spec?  Or finally, are these things just normally somewhat loose in the
mounts and noisy?

Best Regards,

Gerry Snow
Spokane, Washington, USA
84 4000q