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German Listers: 2-piece EM questions...


Me again going on about the 2-piece EM for the MC motor.
Bad news is that my warranty won't cover it and I'm looking
at a pretty hefty bill for the manifold (either locally or
from the USA, which would include a 3-4 month wait and
shipping charges).

I would like to hear from listers in Germany who could find
out what the current price is for the 2-piece manifold over
there in DM terms and who can supply them (probably just
the Audi agents)?

It looks like downtime is going to be a few months for my
200. :(

I am going to give the Audi/VW factory a call today and ask
them why the corrugated piece of connecting pipe on the 2-piece
EM is the same price as the entire 2-piece manifold for the
normally aspirated car. :) I guess it must depend on volume
of sales, no?

Thanks in advance. :)

1990 Audi 200 with no EM (any amount of pieces) :(

PS: Anyone need parts off a S2 Quattro?