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Parting Out: 91' 200Q Wagon

Posting for a friend:
1991 200 Quattro Wagon, hit in the rear. Entire front clip is good. Lago blue with Grey interior. Things that I know are already gone....Motor with harness and ECU (suprise, suprise), Transmission, P/S pump, and radio. Above and beyond that, you will have to ask him directly. I know that he is ready to make this thing go away and he is very fair on prices.
His name is Neil and he can be reached at: deyehaus@aol.com
Not financial interest, just being a good friend.
Later! Ben
Evergreen, CO
71'  NSU ro80
83' UrQ (on the way out)
85' UrQ (inbound)
88' 5KCDQ
89' 200Q
91' V8 5spd