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Re: Tires (here we go again)


I have run a full set of the Dunlop Graspics on steel changeover wheels
the past (3) winter seasons here in Cleveland snow belt country on my 96
A4Q. I have no complaints....they are wearing well for the approx. 15K
miles I have used them. Traction (starting and stopping) is great and
they are not to noisey on dry roads. I like you had considered going for
a more premium brand but am more than satisfied with the lower cost and
performance of the Dunlops. Got them thru Tire-Rack. BTW- I had a Jetta
before with Gislaved (Swedish Mfg) and I was very confident with these
on "all four wheels" even though it was FWD.


Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 13:13:36 -0700 (PDT)
From: Todd Phenneger <phen9461@uidaho.edu>
Subject: Tires (here we go again)

        Lets keep this as painless as possible.  I know the opinions on
just about every snow tire out there except a couple.  A havent seen a
snow tire thread ont he list yet so I'll ask the question.  Car is a VW
Jetta.  Sisters car.  195/60-14 stock size.  I'm wanting to put
tires on it for the winter.  
        Blizzaks ruled out for price and dry handling.  Supposedly the
ones are better but I'll hold judgement untill I drive someone ELSES car
with them.  On our subaru, they ar4e scary in the dry.  Michelin's are
ruled out due to price.  Pirelli's also ruled out for price. I like the
Yoko Gaurdes's from everything I've read and seen. 
         But for cheaper I can
get the Dunlop GRASPICS.  Anyone have any feedback with these. 
someone who has had one of the other tires mentioned for a comparison? 
suspect they are very good but can they compare with the more expensive
Gaurdex's and Michelins? 
        Thanks, lets try to keep this short and painless.  Please, if
love Blizaks, fine, I dont.  Lets keep it that way.  Just looking for
on the Graspics.  If you have both, GREAT, how do they compare.  Oh, and
of course I know the newer Low Profile Blizaks handle WAy better than
old ones did.  :-)
        L8R (running and gritting teeth while waiting)

        Todd Phenneger
        1983 ur-q / black / getting a MC
        1984 4000 quattro / modified/ turbo conv almost done.
        1987 4000 quattro / Saphire Metallic Blue/ Girlfriend's
        1996 A6q / Volcano / Dads Car
   *****1985 5kt / PARTING OUT!